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Contact: offers DNA testing

Post by Gallo1975 » 28 Sep 2007, 12:46

I just saw this on their site, looks interesting, although not cheap.

Men only:
Paternal Lineage test: $149
Advanced Paternal Lineage test: $ 199

Males and Females:
Maternal Lineage test: $179
*If you are interested in exploring your paternal lineage, a DNA sample must be provided by your father, brother, or a male cousin on your father's side. Choose "MALE" for the participant's gender and select a Paternal Lineage test.

I think this was also shown on the TODAY Show when Katie Couric was still there and it looked interesting.

I totally want to try it, but I need $179 first. :) If anyone does do this, I'd be interested to see how it worked for you.
Always looking for info on: Gallo, Perillo, Stelatto, Morganelli, Cutarelli, Aniello/Aiello, Langella, Garitta/Aritta, Hayward, Nicolson & will be happy to swap info too!

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