Falzone, Troiano, Bevilacqua, Guarnaccia, DeMartino

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Falzone, Troiano, Bevilacqua, Guarnaccia, DeMartino

Post by Bullitino » 13 Nov 2007, 23:56

Trying to fill in some blanks in the family history, several generations listed below, any "cousins" out there?

1. Joseph DEMARTINO. Born on Sep 05 1934 in Newark, Essex, NJ, USA. Joseph died on Jan 28 2001 in Kearny, Husdon, NJ, USA; he was 66.



2. Antonio (Anthony) DEMARTINO. Born on Nov 12 1897 in Pagani, Salerno, Italy. Antonio (Anthony) died on Oct 10 1954 in Kearny, Hudson, NJ, USA; he was 56.

On Oct 24 1926, when Antonio (Anthony) was 28, he married Liboria FALZONE.
They had the following children ...
i. Rose DEMARTINO (b.1927)
ii. Dominick DEMARTINO (1928 - 1984)
iii. Vincent William DEMARTINO (b.1932)
1 iv. Joseph DEMARTINO (1934 - 2001)

3. Liboria FALZONE. Born on May 26 1906 in Newark, Essex, NJ, USA. Liboria died on Feb 28 1939 in Kearny, Hudson, NJ, USA; she was 32.



4. Dominick DEMARTINO. Born in 1875 in Italy.

Dominick married Rosa TROIANO.
They had the following children ...
i. Aniello DEMARTINO ()
ii. Josephine DEMARTINO ()
2 iii. Antonio (Anthony) DEMARTINO (1897 - 1954)

5. Rosa TROIANO. Born in 1876.

6. Vincenzo (Vincent) FALZONE. Born on Mar 11 1872 in Pietraprezia, Caltanisfetta, Sicily. Vincenzo (Vincent) died on Mar 10 1938; he was 65.

On Nov 30 1899, when Vincenzo (Vincent) was 27, he married Giuseppa BEVILACQUA.
They had the following children ...
i. Joseph FALZONE (1901 - 1982)
ii. Vincent FALZONE (1903 - 1933)
3 iii. Liboria FALZONE (1906 - 1939)
iv. Concetta `Jean` FALZONE (1907 - 1996)
v. Maria Caloggera FALZONE (b.1908)
vi. Michael FALZONE (1910 - 1990)
vii. Mildred FALZONE (1912 - 1990)
viii. Philip FALZONE (1913 - 1996)
ix. Rose FALZONE (1917 - 2005)
x. Charles FALZONE (b.1920)

7. Giuseppa BEVILACQUA. Born on Sep 19 1880 in Italy. Giuseppa died on Jun 18 1943; she was 62.

G Grandparents


12. Guiseppe FALZONE. Born in Italy. Guiseppe died in Italy.

Guiseppe married Liboria ?????.
They had the following children ...
i. Concetta FALZONE ()
ii. Simone FALZONE (b.1867)
iii. Vincenza FALZONE (b.1869)
6 iv. Vincenzo (Vincent) FALZONE (1872 - 1938)
v. Liboria FALZONE, b.1898 (b.1898)
vi. Salvatore FALZONE (b.1899)

13. Liboria ?????. Born in Italy. Liboria died in Italy.

14. Vincenzo BEVILACQUA.

Vincenzo married Concetta GUARNACCIA.
They had one child ...
7 i. Giuseppa BEVILACQUA (1880 - 1943)

15. Concetta GUARNACCIA.

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Re: Falzone, Troiano, Bevilacqua, Guarnaccia, DeMartino

Post by beebopnjazz » 03 Feb 2008, 17:55

My Falzones were from Serradifalco and San Cataldo - they settled in Buffalo. In 2006 there was a news article in the Buffalo News about a local Falzone family - they came from Pietraperzia (sp?). A friend contacted the family which is how we came to find out their place of origin. There is a woman in the family doing the family genealogy. You can find out more information from the newspaper archives. I checked the archives - the article was publishd August 5, 2006. The heading was Five Centuries of Family Togetherness. Owen Hearey was the journalist. (www.buffalonews.com) They charge for archive articles ($2.95 I believe) - or you might contact the library and ask them?

There are many articles that come up if you search with Falzone as your search term. That could be quite costly unless you're planning a trip to Buffalo and can locate the articles at the library.

In boca al lupo! :D

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