Filisma or Filisima family

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Filisma or Filisima family

Post by panos_vlismas » 17 Dec 2007, 16:04

My surname is Vlismas, popular surname in the island of Ithaki, Ionion Sea, part of the seven islands complex, west Greece, for centuries.

It is said however that my family's ancestors originally came from Italy around 1500 AD, when the Venicians succeded the Byzantines as governors of the seven islands.

It is said that the surname Vlismas is the continuation of the surname Filisma and/or Filisima that previously existed on the island. Indeed if you pronounce fast Filisima you come to Vlisma, which is a hypothesis of how the surname changed through years.

It is also said that my ancestors came from Barletta, noone ever tested the accuracy of the theory.

It should be noted that Ithaki, along with Cephalonia, Zante, Lefkada (Santa Maura), Kythira (Tsirigo), Paxi, and of course Corfu, were part of the Venician state continuasly from around 1490 till the fall of Serenissima.

It is also truth that when the Venicians took rule tried to attract citizens of other parts of the Serenissima (including territories of Stato del Mar) to move to the Ionian islands, as the latter had remained almost unpopulated having suffered 12 years of Ottoman occupation and diseases.

Many families moved to the islands and this is evident in our surnames if one takes a closer look, for example Justinian, of the famous Venician family, turned to Ioustinianis, Barbarigo to Barbarigos, Dandolo to Dandolos and so on (examples are numerous).

So I would appreciate if someone could assist me in testing this father to son story.

Additionally I am very interested in the Venician history and if someone wishes to exchange ideas is also welcome to communicate.

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