Corfino or Corfinio - birth certificates

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Corfino or Corfinio - birth certificates

Post by Luca722 » 28 Dec 2007, 22:25

Hi there,

I wish to obtain my great grandfather's birth certificate & marriage certificate. On his US Naturalization certificate, it states that he was born in "Corfino Aquila"; however, I believe these are two different towns. My family says he was from the Abruzzi region, so should I assume he was, in fact from Corfinio L'Aquila?

If so, who do I contact in this town for birth & marriage certificates? I found this address for inquiries - is this a good place to start?

Ufficio di Stato Civile
Piazza Corfinio 2
67030 Corfino (AQ)

By the way, he was born on June 29, 1879 and married in 1902.

I would appreciate any help or advice. Much thanks,

Luca Gasbarro

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Re: Corfino or Corfinio - birth certificates

Post by PeterTimber » 29 Dec 2007, 00:33

This is a duplicate of your inquiry which I answered so this is a duplicate and requires no answer. =Peter=

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