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Post by janusgangi » 09 Jan 2008, 23:07

I am looking for the Gangi family of Samuel and Assunta Gangi who moved from Woburn Mass to NYC I hope you can help. Their children were Joseph, Orlando, Samuel, Tony, Charles, Mary, Leona, Carmela, Angelina.
Both my grandparents had the last name of Gangi although, on my grandfathers death certificate his last name was spelled with an E at the end (Gange). My grandmother had a brother who lived in Pennsylvania. I know I have many relatives in the Boston area and in Florida. My father Joseph Gangi passed away in 2001 and I have been looking for my relatives since then. I know that my Aunt Angie live in New Jersey and she had a daughter named Patricia I'm not sure bu I think their last name was Sorno. Many of my relatives lived on Long Island for a long time. If there is someone out there who knows my relatives I would appreciate the help. I can't start looking back until I know about the present. Thank You for your Help
janus gangi
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Re: Gangi

Post by BillieDeKid » 11 Jan 2008, 01:38

1913 manifest for Assunta.............line 24. Line 23 looks like her brother Calogero. Looks like they didn't sail though.

Page 1 ... &line=0024
Page 2 ... &line=0024

You may already have this information. Let me know.


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Re: Gangi

Post by vj » 11 Jan 2008, 02:49

Welcome to the Forum!
Not sure if you’ve seen all of these possible records for
the Gangi family.
The census & military records are from
The manifests are from Ellis Island
(free site)
(Hey Elizabeth :D !)

(click here) possible 1930 census
Home in 1930:
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Head Samuel Gange 39 (abt 1891)
- married age 19 (abt 1910)
- immig 1907, Al
Wife Assuntine Gange 38 (abt 1892)
- immig 1907 Al
Children all born in MA
Daughter Angelina Gange 16
Son Charles Gange 13
Son Guytano Gange 9
Son Samuel Gange Jr 8
Son Joseph Gange 6
Daughter Mary Gange 4 5/12
Daughter Leona Gange 1 8/12

possible 1920 census
Home in 1920:
Woburn Ward 1, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Head Samuel Gangi 28 (abt 1892)
- immig 1906 Al
Wife Anna Gangi 27 (abt 1893)
- immig 1906 Al
Daughter Carmella Gangi 8 MA
Daughter Angie Gangi 5 MA
Son Charles Gangi 3 9/12 MA
Son Guy Gangi 3/12 MA
Brother-in-law Carmello Gangi 21 (abt 1899)
- immig 1906 Pa

possible 1917 WWI Draft Registration Card
Sam Gangi
14 South Bedford, Woburn
19 March 1891 in Sicily
Wife & 3 children

possible 1907 manifest
page 2
2 Aug 1907, SS Calabria, Palermo to NY
Lines 21-23
- last residence S Caterina V (may be Santa Caterina Villarmosa, Caltanissetta, Sicily)
- no family in Italy
- joining husband//father Gaetano at 60 Willow Street, Woburn, MA
- appears to be 3 birth locations
- Arcangela’s birth location appears to be Grotte (Grotte, Agrigento, Sicily)
- Assunta’s birth location is hard to read, could be Resuttano? (Caltanissetta, Sicily)
- Carmelo’s birth loacation is S Caterina V..
Arcangela Cammarata 35 (abt 1872)
Assunta Ganci 15 (abt 1892)
Carmelo Ganci 7 (abt 1900)
Probably traveling with line 24 going to same address

possible 1906 manifest
Lines 1 & 2
Gaetano 40 & Assunta 15 - lined off (probably did not sail…)

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Re: Gangi

Post by PatriciaGangi » 16 May 2011, 01:33

I'm not sure if this will be of any help but my maiden name is Gangi. My grandparents are Samuel and Assunta Gangi. My grandfather was a member of the Italian Army. Not sure if this is the same family members you are looking for but there are a lot of similarities. My grandparents immigrated to the United States from Palermo, Sicily and finally ended up in Minnesota. Where they were before that time I'm not sure. My father is Tony Gangi and I do have an uncle Samuel and an Aunt Mary. Some of the other names don't match up to what I know but my knowledge of the family is limited. I also have an Aunt Beatrice. Not sure if that fits into the family your looking for or not but would be interesting to find out.

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Re: Gangi

Post by jgenduso » 17 May 2011, 04:27

Hi Janus - I have a buddy I met through genealogy who is a Gangi. We met through POINTers, Pursuing our Italian Names Together. He and my family are both from Resuttano, CL, Sicily. He might have some contacts about other Gangi's.

Please PM me and I can send you his email.

Joseph F Genduso, PMP, MEng, MBA

Researching Genduso, Lo Re, Cagnina, Gallina, Mancuso, Mazzarisi, Panzica, Fratallone and Trombello in Resuttano (CL), Sicily

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Re: Gangi

Post by vanderwaerden » 15 Jul 2012, 22:02

This post is four years old, so I'm not sure you'll get my reply--but I'm sure that we're related somehow. My great-great-grandmother Mariagrazia Cagnina was the daughter of Girolamo Cagnina and Calogera Gangi, and moved from their former home in Santa Caterina Villarmosa (Caltanissetta, Sicily) to join her husband, Salvatore Seminatore (also from SCV and who'd emigrated a year or so earlier), in Woburn, MA in the beginning of the 20th century. Importantly to you, I know that she had cousins from her mother's side move to be with them soon thereafter. Salvatore and Mariagrazia lived on Flagg Street until they both died in the 1930s.

Interesting to find connections like that (:

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Re: Gangi

Post by cbowen » 28 Aug 2012, 04:09

My nme is Charles Bowen. I am researching the Gangi family for my son-in-lay, Phili8p Massa. I the saw post from 2008 and Phil ask me to reply. His mother is Susanne Patricia LaMontanaro, her mother is Mary LaMontanaro (Gangi). Phil's great grandparents are Samuel and Assunta Gangi.

Mary died in 2010 in North Carolina. Phil's mom, Sue, is on facebook. You can contact her if you like too.

Sue lives in Pinellas county, Florida.

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Re: Gangi

Post by Princessitalia9 » 02 Aug 2016, 22:57

This message is going to the person searching for the Gangi family the information that you posted we are family related I am the daughter of Susan LA Montanaro her mother was Mary Gangi you can look me up on Facebook my name is Dorian Massa the family members you are looking for are my family

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Re: Gangi

Post by Cgangi2287 » 28 Jun 2017, 01:21

:D hi everyone! Seems like i have a few extended family members posting here. I am Cristina Gangi. Grandaughter of Orlando Gangi (Sam and Assunta's son) im trying to find some information regarding possible issue with the last name. I have seen the birth record from assunta in caltanisetta BUT where i get confused is that if assunta was married to samuele gangi (my great grandparents) how was she born Assunta Gangi. I am searching for confirmation of Assunta's (went by annie, assuntine,anna, susie) maiden name. Any one of you guys are welcome to friend me on facebook. Id really like to get some of this information set so i can keep looking back. I seem to have hit a wall at Assunta. I found the manifests Of her possibly traveling with a carmello gangi which from my assumption would have been samueles brother, no? Now im confused LOL. Youre welcome to email me also. I hope everyone sees this.

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