Adopted Grandmother - Delia Lugli

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Adopted Grandmother - Delia Lugli

Post by pamann722 » 05 Mar 2008, 23:27

I am trying to find information on my adopted grandmother.
She was born in Senigallia but said she was adopted by the
Manoni family. She said she was born and dropped off at an orphanage.
She was given the name Delia Lugli because July was the year of her birth.
As far as we know her birthday is July 19, 1900. Will there be documentation on her anywhere? I assume the adoption to the Manoni
family was done legally. I have very little information except that the
there are a lot of Manoni's in Mondolfo, which is where my grandfather is from. She married my grandfather, Vincent Sangervasi from Mondolfo but I don't have any record of when that happened. He went to the US two years before she did, then sent for her and their son, Victor.
Any help would be appreciated.
(grandparents on my fathers side)

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Re: Adopted Grandmother - Delia Lugli

Post by vj » 06 Mar 2008, 15:22

Hi Pam!
Welcome to the forum!
Yes, there should be a record of her birth in Senigallia.
Vital records in Italy are kept at the comune.

One way to obtain her record is to go to your local
Family History Center and order the microfilm:

Title Registri dello stato civile di Senigallia (Ancona), 1866-1929
Authors Senigallia (Ancona). Ufficio dello stato civile (Main Author)
Notes Microfilm dei registri presso il Tribunale di Ancona.
Microfilm ad alta riduzione (42x). Si consiglia di adoperare una macchina
ad alto ingrandimento.
Fino al 1906 Senigallia si chiamava Sinigaglia.
Civil registration of births, marriage banns, marriages, deaths and
supplemental documentation for Senigallia, Ancona. Includes indexes.
Before 1906 Senigallia was called Sinigaglia. Some years include index.
Some years may be missing or out of order.
Include indici.
Subjects Italy, Ancona, Senigallia - Civil registration
Format Manuscript (On Film)
Language Italian
Publication Salt Lake City, Utah :
Filmati dalla Genealogical Society of Utah, 2000-2004
Physical in 121 bobine di microfilm ; 16 mm.


Just for reference, the two manifests:

1920 manifest
page 2
detained page

Vincenzo Sangervasi 19
- possible naturalization notation: 22-51080 3/23/36
- last residence Mondolfo
- in Pesaro, wife Delia Luglia
- destination San Francisco
- born in Mondolfo

1922 manifest
page 2

Delia Lugli 22
- last residence Fano, Pesaro
- leaving no one in Italy
- born in Senigallia, Ancona (Marche)

Vittorio Sangervasi 2
- born in Mondolfo, Ancona

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Re: Adopted Grandmother - Delia Lugli

Post by misbris » 07 Mar 2008, 03:31

I don't know if it is a family member or not, but #4 on that same manifest is a Giustina Manoni.

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Re: Adopted Grandmother - Delia Lugli

Post by Marcas » 24 Sep 2014, 21:11

Here's my late results:

on Delia Lugli:
- born in S.Angelo (a village)
- at 5 km from Senigallia
- her birth village:

on her birth:
- she was abandoned indeed, but days passed between conception and the time she reached the Orphanage. What happened in these days? She was conceived in S.Angelo with the assistance of a midwife, her name was Clotilde Scandellari, who played a major role. The mother gave (so abandoned) Delia to the midwife along with some gifts which became Delia's first personal belongings. Clotilde went to Senigallia city the day after, bringing Delia to the authority office where she refused to name the mother. She was register as Delia, Lugli. Then it was up to the Town Secretary to decide her fate: he prepared papers to send her to the local orphanage, called Brefotrofio di Senigallia. Again, Clotilde received the task to carry Delia to the next stop. At the orphanage, Delia was given in and the belongings were recorded:
- 1 shirt made of muffle
- 2 bibs
- 1 band made of cotton

on documentation:
the docs about Delia are preserved in the archive: fondo dell'Ospedale e del brefotrofio di Senigallia (XVI – XIX secolo) which can be accessed in Senigallia.

Several books spent pages on orphanages; a couple of books detailed Senigallia's one, here's the list:
1. Orienti, "Gli esposti a Senigallia nell'Ottocento", in "Proposte e ricerche", n.16, 1986
2. Mariani,"L'ospedale degli infermi ed esposti di Senigallia", in "Atti e memorie della Deputazione di storia patria per le Marche", serie VII, vol. VIII, Ancona, 1953
History-oriented libraries in Marche have a copy of them.
-- Marcas

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Re: Adopted Grandmother - Delia Lugli

Post by Italysearcher » 25 Sep 2014, 19:04

If she was legally adopted, she would have assumed the Manoni surname. Since she kept her own surname I would assume she was simply permanently fostered. The family would have been paid a sum to keep her.
You should be able to get a copy of her marriage record from the town.
Ann Tatangelo
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