Origin and History of Graffeo

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Origin and History of Graffeo

Post by Partanna » 09 Apr 2008, 18:35

Hello. Im a first time poster trying to solve an age old curiosity of mine. I have been trying to figure out where it is exactly that my father's side of the family originates from.
I have read that the Graffeo's were part of a royal class, but am unsure if that means all Graffeo's are of royalty in their descent. I know about the castle and what I have found here and there about their beginnings in the 12th century and 14th century in Partanna.

THe thing I have always been curious about is that so many "true" sicialians, are darker in features, or so many sicilians have claimed my family can't be true sicilian because we are lighter. Every man in the family (of Graffeo descent) has blue eyes, dark hair, and medium complexion.

Ive wondered if this is because they had originated from further north in Italy and eventually moved south like much of european movement throughout the dark and middle ages. But this all because even more of a question after something I discovered this morning.

The historical shield of Graffeo is German. So I am now truly confused. Were the Graffeo's in fact a family that moved down much further south than I thought? Or if not, what is the historical significance of this name. (all I have found is the info on the Graffeo Castle in Partanna, as per Wikipedia.)

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Re: Origin and History of Graffeo

Post by misbris » 12 Apr 2008, 00:11

Hi and welcome to the forum.

This site will show you where the name Graffeo exists in Italy today.


Here is the origin of Grifeo. Sorry, it is in Italian.

http://www.cognomiitaliani.org/cognomi/ ... 0007ri.htm

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