Lisitano vs. Lusitano

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Lisitano vs. Lusitano

Post by warriorrabbit » 13 Apr 2008, 18:12


My great grandfather's last name was Lusitano. It was not a very common name to begin with, and then the Messina earthquake apparently killed everyone off. At least that's what they told us.

Anyhow, as I go through records in the 1890s and 1870s, I run across maybe two Lusitano marriages in 3,000 or four births in 3000 (the 1890s were big population years). I also see a similarly small (compared to other names I see popping up repeatedly) number of Lisitanos.

Whenever I see a Lisitano, the OCD in me kicks in and I want to grab them, too. (That and my cheap nature, I'm already there and I've already paid for the film.) Like, maybe there was a name change or something, and Lisitanos and Lusitanos are related. (The story is that we were originally Habib then Rodrigues due to the inquisition, then somehow became Lusitano, so name evolution is something I'm mindful of.)

Is it likely that Lisitano and Lusitano are related variants? Should I ignore the Lisitano names?

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Re: Lisitano vs. Lusitano

Post by BillieDeKid » 13 Apr 2008, 20:02


I can tell you what I've found in my personal searches so far. My grandmothers surname was Tedeschi, her father was born in the 1830's and his surname (as was HIS fathers surname) was Tedesco. Three of my grandma's older brothers were registered in the civil records under Tedesco (at birth) then my grandmother and her two younger brothers were listed as Tedeschi. By the time they all got married they were all Tedeschi and their father was listed as Tedeschi also.

So for me, whenever I find a Tedeschi or Tedesco, I download the file. So far they're all the same people. I have the same belief as you, as long as you have the film you might as well copy the records and give yourself time to study them at home.

Let me know if your two surnames turn out to be of the same family.

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