Help! ISO the Merola's, Caiati's and Morelli's of S. Italy..

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Help! ISO the Merola's, Caiati's and Morelli's of S. Italy..

Post by springersammy » 12 Jul 2003, 22:40

Any information would greatly be appreciated...

My Grandmother is turning 95 this year and losing her sight... I am trying to put these pieces of her precious history back together before she is completely blind. :(
Please help if you have any suggestions/information... Thank you!!!

General Info:
They all grew up in Southern Italy. All immigrated to US in early 1900's.

Ulisse and Gaetano were brothers - there was a total of 12 children in this family!! :o One other 1st name is - James (I forget the Italian translation).

Ulisse was a Naval Capt. and stationed in La Spezia at the turn of the century, married Lucia Morelli and had a total of 5 children together. Most of them were born in Italy.

I've tried several resources to locate them and the only information I have found was on Aldofo Morelli's ship manifest record and census record on just him - no spouse or family. He came to US prior to Ulisse and the others... arrived summer of 1911. He settled in Brooklyn, NY. Set up his own barber shop. Quite successful I heard.

Around 1920-1925 some of the Caiati family moved to San Francisso.

Found records of the youngest daughters, father and mother. No one else. This was the 1930 California census.

I'm at a big road block with this... I've tried crazy spellings with several data bases - no avail. My Grandmother says they came on an English ship, possibly the Mauretania...(the name stands out to her...) and they all defintely went through New York for immigration.

I appreciate any assistance and I am more than willing to compensate someone who can either provide records of these families or direct me towards their location.

Thanks to you already for taking the time to read this!!
K. :)

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Post by ptimber » 13 Jul 2003, 05:26

Ifg you cannot find them in records then file form 81 withj NARA for passenger arrivals records. Go to and file form using different spellings of the name on the same form and put in just what you know. Peter

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