has outdone itself!!!

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Contact: has outdone itself!!!

Post by JamesBianco » 24 May 2008, 20:16

People can say what they will about but they have surely outdone themselves this time. They have now added the areas of Como and Lecco, apparently they are intending to do the entire Lombardia regione. they are Births, marriages, publicaziones and deaths 1866-1936!!

Original scanned images!! They are not yet complete but new records are going up quickly!

Lombardia Stato Civile records

This is amazing! The LDS don't even have these available.


Albate Consiglio Di Rumo Olmeda (Capiago Intimiano)
Albavilla Corrido Oltrona Di San Mamette
Albese Con Cassano Cremia Orsenigo
Albiolo Cremnago (Inverigo) Ossuccio
Albogasio (Valsolda) Cressogno (Valsolda) Palanzo (Faggeto Lario)
Alserio Crevenna (Erba) Parè
Alzate Brianza Croce (Menaggio) Parravicino (Erba)
Alzate Con Verzago (Alzate Brianza) Cucciago Peglio
Anzano Del Parco Cusino Pellio Intelvi
Appiano Gentile Dasio (Valsolda) Penzano (Eupilio)
Arcellasco (Erba) Dizzasco Pianello Del Lario
Argegno Domaso Piano Porlezza (Carlazzo)
Arosio Dongo Piazza Santo Stefano (Cernobbio)
Asnago (Cermentate) Dosso Del Liro Pigra
Asso Drano (Valsolda) Plesio
Barni Drezzo Pognana Lario
Bellagio Erba Ponna
Bene Lario Erba Incino Ponte Chiasso (Como)
Beregazzo (Beregazzo Con Figliaro) Esino Inferiore Ponte Lambro
Beregazzo Con Figliaro Eupilio Ponzate (Tavernerio)
Bernate (Casnate Con Bernate) Fabbrica Durini (Alzate Brianza) Porlezza
Binago Faggeto Lario Proserpio
Bizzarone Faloppio Puria (Valsolda)
Blessagno Fenegrò Pusiano
Blevio Figino Serenza Ramponio (Ramponio Verna)
Breccia (Como) Figliaro (Beregazzo Con Figliaro) Ramponio Verna
Breglia (Plesio) Fino Mornasco Rebbio (Como)
Bregnano Gaggino (Falloppio) Rezzago
Brenna Garzeno Rezzonico (Santa Maria Rezzonico)
Brienno Gera Lario Rodero
Brunate Germasino Romanò Brianza (Inverigo)
Buccinigo (Erba) Gironico Ronago
Buggiolo (Val Rezzo) Gottro (Carlazzo) Rovellasca
Bugiallo (Sorico) Grandate Rovello Porro
Bulgarograsso Grandola Ed Uniti Rovenna (Cernobbio)
Bulgorello (Cadorago) Gravedona Rovi Porro (Rovellasca)
Cabiate Griante Sala Comacina
Cadorago Grona (Grandola Ed Uniti) San Bartolomeo
Caglio Guanzate San Bartolomeo Val Cavargna
Cagno Incino (Erba-Incino) San Fedele Intelvi
Camerlata (Como) Inverigo San Fermo Della Battaglia
Camnago (Como) Isola (Ossuccio) San Nazzaro Val Cavargna
Camnago Faloppia (Faloppio) Laglio San Siro
Camnago Volta (Como) Laino Santa Maria Rezzonico (San Siro)
Campione D'Italia Lambrugo Santa Valeria (Sormano)
Cantù Lanzo D'Intelvi Sant'Abbondio (San Siro)
Canzo Lasnigo Scarenna (Asso)
Capiago Intimiano Lemna (Faggeto Lario) Scaria (Lanzo D'Intelvi)
Carate (Carate Urio) Lenno Sceria (Monguzzo)
Carate Lario (Carate Urio) Lezza (Ponte Lambro) Schignano
Carate Urio Lezzeno Seghebbia (Val Rezzo)
Carbonate Lieto Colle (Parè) Senna Comasco
Carcano (Albavilla) Limido Comasco Seprio (Carbonate)
Carella (Eupilio) Lipomo Solbiate
Carella Con Mariaga (Eupilio) L'Isola Comacina (Ossuccio) Solbiate Comasco
Careno (Nesso) Livo Solzago (Tavernerio)
Carimate Locate Varesino Sorico
Carlazzo Lomazzo Sormano
Carugo Longone AL Segrino Stazzona
Casanova (Valmorea) Loveno (Menaggio) Tavernerio
Casanova Lanza (Valmorea) Luisago Tavordo (Porlezza)
Casasco D'Intelvi Lurago D'Erba Torno
Caslino AL Piano (Cadorago) Lurago Marinone Traversa (Gravedona)
Caslino D'Erba Lurate Abbate (Lurate Caccivio) Tremezzo
Casnate (Casnate Con Bernate) Lurate Caccivio Trevano (Uggiate-Trevano)
Casnate Con Bernate Maccio (Villa Guardia) Trezzone
Cassina Mariaga (Erba) Magreglio Turate
Cassina Rizzardi Mariano Comense Uggiate (Uggiate-Trevano)
Castello Valsolda (Valsolda) Maslianico Uggiate-Trevano
Castelmarte Menaggio Urio (Carate Urio)
Castelnuovo Bozzente Merone Val Rezzo
Castiglione D'Intelvi Mezzegra Valbrona
Cavallasca Minoprio (Vertemate Con Minoprio) Valmorea
Cavargna Mirabello Comasco Valsolda
Caversaccio (Valmorea) Moiana (Merone) Veleso
Cerano D'Intelvi Molina (Faggeto Lario) Veniano
Cermenate Moltrasio Vercana
Cernobbio Monguzzo Vergosa (San Ferno Della Battaglia)
Cima (Porlezza) Montano Comasco (Montano Lucino) Verna (Ramponio Verna)
Cirimido Montano Lucino Vertemate (Vertemate Con Minoprio)
Civello (Villa Guardia) Monte Olimpino (Como) Vertemate Con Minoprio
Civenna Montemezzo Verzago (Alzate Brianza)
Civiglio (Como) Montorfano Villa Guardia
Claino (Claino Con Osteno) Mozzate Villa Romanò (Inverigo)
Claino Con Osteno Musso Vill'Albese (Albavilla)
Colciago D'Erba (Lurago D'Erba) Nesso Visino (Valbrona)
Colonno Novedrate Zelbio
Como Olgiate Comasco

and in Lecco Province:

Abbadia Lariana Cortenova Paderno D'Adda
Annone Di Brianza Costa Masnaga Pagnona
Barzago Crandola Valsassina Parlasco
Bellano Cremeno Perledo
Bindo (Cortenova) Dervio Primaluna
Bosisio (Bosisio Parini) Dolzago Rogeno
Bosisio Parini Dorio Santa Maria Hoè
Brenno Della Torre (Costa Masnaga) Garbagnate Monastero Sirone
Bulciago Indovero (Casargo) Sueglio
Cagliano (Colle Brianza) Introzzo Suello
Casargo Laorca (Lecco) Taceno
Casatenovo Limonta (Oliveto Lario) Tregolo (Costa Masnaga)
Casletto (Rogeno) Maggianico (Lecco) Tremenico
Casletto Maglio (Rogeno) Margno Valmadrera
Cassago Brianza Missaglia Varenna
Cassina Valsassina Molteno Vassena (Oliveto Lario)
Centemero (Costa Masnaga) Nava (Colle Brianza) Vendrogno
Cesana Brianza Nibionno Vercurago
Civate Oggiono Vestreno
Colico Olginate Viganò
Consonno (Olginate) Oliveto Lario Vimogno (Primaluna)
Corenno Plinio (Dervio) Osnago

I just cant believe this!


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Re: has outdone itself!!!

Post by Essgee » 24 May 2008, 23:44

Saw this yesterday on the site, James. And it is truly remarkable!

I also wonder, since the LDS has been cut off from Catholic Records, if Ancestry is somehow going to get access to those records? Would be great, wouldn't it?...

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Re: has outdone itself!!!

Post by wldspirit » 25 May 2008, 06:30

I must admit, I was not an Ancestry fan......however, my attitude has changed over the has been a great research tool.

Now to cross my fingers and pray that the Pesaro Urbino province somehow ends up on Ancestry!!!!!
wldspirit :lol:

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Re: has outdone itself!!!

Post by Eleven » 26 May 2008, 18:13

Although I havent been actively researching lately, I find this an outstanding addition to ancestry.

I hope they do other areas of Italy.

I often wondered if the FHL would get this type info and had begun to think "not in my lifetime". lol

I have to keep my eye on ancestry, it seems. If their plan is to do all of Italy, I dont think it will take them long. It didnt take long for them to get the censuses out there!!

Thanks for the heads up.

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Re: has outdone itself!!!

Post by Romano1970 » 27 May 2008, 13:42

This is a truly amazing thing. Would you happen to know if they have or will have Sicily provinces soon ???
Michael Romano

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Looking for family history in Piazza Armerina, Aidone, and Musomelli Sicily.
Names researching: Romano, Nigrelli, Ristagno, Piazza Maida Triolo.

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Re: has outdone itself!!!

Post by Eleven » 27 May 2008, 15:55

Yesterday, I was poking around ancestry and found a contact us link.

Not that I think that I would get a reply, but I gave it a shot, and asked them if other areas of Italy were coming...and perhaps a timeframe.

I go to send this thing and instead of it going, I get this registration button. I got nervous, because I dont have a paid acct there at the moment..and i figured, if was writing from my acct..why would I need to register.

Anyway, I never sent it. Maybe if someone has a paid acct there, they could ask.

I would gladly pay them double the fee for this type info in the areas I

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Re: has outdone itself!!!

Post by Eleven » 27 May 2008, 15:57

Me again...did everyone take note, that these areas have records up to 1936? Not even the FHL has that. I believe theirs end at around 1910...and that is only some. The ones I need are only up until the mid 1800s, leaving me with a big gap between what I know..and what I need to know.

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Post by billymack » 07 Mar 2011, 15:44

i am BRAND NEW at this -am having great difficulty posting a question - would love some help beyond the assistance available in the forum faq - cuz ive tried and failed a few times - thank you ...billymack

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Post by montclaire » 07 Mar 2011, 16:15

Ancestry only works when everyone contributes. That way a little piece of your puzzle fits with a little piece of my puzzle and so on and so on. Eventually you get a collateral, cohesive picture. Even if you only take the free 14 day trial and post up all you have and cancel, it's still worth it. You can always sign back up for one month a year to read any messages that may have come your way. You can also go under a friend and post with their account. Just so long as the tree gets out there.

I upgraded to the Euro version for a few months, but the stuff is not searchable other than viewing page by page, and there are no family statos, which is what I would really be after.

It would be nice if they could provide some sort of liasion service with the comunes for info.

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Post by montclaire » 07 Mar 2011, 16:20

PS, you may want to change the title of this thread, clicking on it just takes you to the ancestry site. Drop the .com, it's acting as a link.

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Re: has outdone itself!!!

Post by pink67 » 07 Mar 2011, 17:55

I hope they do other areas of Italy.
They already have other provinces:

Italy Birth, Marriage & Death

Agrigento, Sicily, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1844-1911 (in Italian)
Alessandria and Asti, Piedmont, Italy: Civil registration records, 1866-1938 (in Italian)
Aosta, Aosta, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1939 (in Italian)
Caltanissetta, Sicily, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1939 (in Italian)
Caserta, Campania, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1862-1939 (in Italian)
Como and Lecco, Lombardy, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1936 (in Italian)
Falerna, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, Civil Registration, 1810-1936 (in Italian)
Genoa and La Spezia, Liguria, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1938 (in Italian)
Lodi, Lombardy, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1936 (in Italian)
Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1939 (in Italian)
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, Birth Records Index, 1876-1885 (in Italian) - Free Index
Pavia, Lombardy, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1937 (in Italian)
Potenza, Basilicata, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1861-1938 (in Italian)
Siena, Tuscany, Italy: Civil Registration Records, 1866-1937 (in Italian)
Siracusa, Sicily, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1900-1929 (in Italian)
Varese, Lombardy, Italy: Civil Registration, 1866-1937 (in Italian) - Free Index
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piedmont, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1938 (in Italian)
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piedmont, Italy, Indexed Death Records, 1896-1936 (in Italian) - Free Index ... aging=true


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Post by siskojnash » 07 Mar 2011, 17:57

I have two trees on ancestry. I don't bother paying for the membership. You can just go to the libraries that have the Ancestry Library Edition and download the documents for free. I'm glad I couldn't afford it when I started, because I've learned that they make it too easy to add things.
With a few clicks, you can add whole families. I've tested that out when they've had free documents, like they did for a few days recently with the 1910 US Census. If you attach a document to a person in your tree during that period though, you can't look at the document after the free period is over.
I download any new files to my computer so that I can look at them anytime I want. The only drawback to using the library edition is that you can't access your tree from the library. So I write names and dates along with any hints that Ancestry gives me.
Sometimes when I search that way, I end up finding things that never even showed up as hints. Also, I got into the habit early on of transcribing every single document I add to the tree. That way, I learn all the relevant info. It can be too easy to just click and add it to one's tree and not check it for clues or new leads.
I would have missed out on alot if I had been using the Ancestry subscription from the beginning. I would really like to see alot of records from Sicily show up and also of the Naples region of Italy. I didn't know that the Mormons had been cut off from Catholic records. Of course, I suppose it wouldn't really matter for them.
I heard before that the Mormons are trying to baptise everyone who's ever lived, at least those who haven't been. Anyone in those Catholic records would already have been baptised, right?

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Re: has outdone itself!!!

Post by rbergeron » 11 Jun 2013, 19:49

Through, I have been able to find much information about my ancestors that lived in Maccio. Now I am looking for information about ancestors that lived in Brizzolara (Genova, Liguria). I have not found a similar database on Do you know if another online database exists that contains records from Liguria?
Thanks! Rita

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Re: has outdone itself!!!

Post by pink67 » 15 Jun 2013, 08:44

Have you tried with
Is the Brizzolara you're taliking about an hamlet of Borzonasca town? ... Id=1927178


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Re: has outdone itself!!!

Post by rp76226 » 16 Jun 2013, 04:50

For Italian records, both Family History (for all provinces) and this other site (for just the province of Bari)has better records than ... Id=1927178

http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.i ... o+di+Bari/

Plus you don't have to spend $3,000 every ten years to continuously see hints. That really offends my sense of value. Therefore, I only subscribe for one to two months per year to review their hints; the rest of the time I just maintain my free membership.

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