why did so many Italians leave their country?

As a nation state, Italy has emerged only in 1871. Until then the country was politically divided into a large number of independant cities, provinces and islands. The currently available evidences point out to a dominant Etruscan, Greek and Roman cultural influence on today's Italians.
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Re: why did so many Italians leave their country?

Post by acamma » 29 Jan 2005, 15:46

Okay that is enough with the running argument. I think we all know we don't want to go on this site to find something and then have to read through all these hits back and forth.

As a new person on this type of site it can be intiminating to put on a message. I remember in a few of my grad school classes where a professor told me don't worry about asking a question you think is dumb because it probably is one 10 other people in class are scared to ask. But you still don't want to put it out there at times.

Hopefully besides being a good research tool we can make this site fun to be on. I have gotten some messages from people on this site that I wish I was in the same country with let alone the same city because they are so honest and open on not only the genealogy issue but their own personalities. Refreshing in this day where we are so polarized not just in my country but around the world. I think that is why I have mentioned I wish I could find a site like this for French and German genealogy because I learn things not only about my Italian heritage and ancestry here but about people from Australia to the US.

Sometimes it is good to be pretty blunt with people in a research effort to ensure they aren't spinning their wheels in the wrong direction for too long, but we all do have to realize that even though this is an impersonal site where we don't see each other, hear each other's voices, or know each other's backgrounds - some people will take offense to certain words based on some very personal things that have happened in their lives. I know that might be saying we can't worry about people's thin skins but this is a learning site first in a lot of ways so maybe we do need to be a little more careful on all sides.
Anthony Philip Camma

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Re: why did so many Italians leave their country?

Post by ptimber » 29 Jan 2005, 17:50

hank you for your thoguhtful comments. I see myself as a teacher ofgenealogy, and like a teacher, direct people to sources of information in order for them to achieve their personal objectives. I do not believe that spoon feeding people information and doing their job for them in order to gratify their own egos and become patronizinfg toward the inquirer is the way to go. People make inquiries and should be taught much like teaching a course where to go for information and what they will find and how to integrate that information into their research objectives. Personal comments in that regard are fine and help the inquirers help themselves. Then there are those who would use "teachers" on this forum for their own ends and purposely hide the facts in order to fish for additional information acting like dumb piuous souls lost in the wildreness when in stead they are conniving SOB's intent on abusing your efforts in their behalf who need to be admonished for their lack of integrity and dishonesty. We all have our styles but those styles that make people who repsond to inquiries feel that they are superior to the inquirer in intellect or prowess or cannot wait to show how bright they are so that can swell with personal ego satisfaction at the expense of the inquirer leaving the inquirer without any sense of research should be admonished for their ego trips. Peter

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Re: why did so many Italians leave their country?

Post by 48phil » 10 Feb 2006, 01:29

ymorrow wrote:I have just been reading the emails about why some many left Italy. Its true, as I have been and still am reading up on the Garibaldi wars.

My great grandfather is an obvious exception to the usual reason why people left. He was involved in some sort of fighting, not sure what, with his brother and possibly father also. His father was a ship owner/captain. Apparently, they were involved in some action that was seen as a crime, or someone was injured, and the brothers fled the country. This was in 1861-4 period.

Upon arrival in Australia in 1864, from Liverpool on a ship called Ariadne, he settled here and raised 8 children. He also used a different name, it seems. I think his true name was either Andrus Moro, or Antonio Nicholas Lomakes, or Lamacchio. I think he was born in either Matera, or Corfu or Malta!! Choices choices!

If anyone can throw any light on this period for me, especially around Pesaro, I would be very grateful. He had atattoo that read Loumak-Psaro 1858 on his hand. Perhaps his name, was he in jail? Perhaps a ship, was he a crew member??

regards to all,

Yvonne Morrow

My family history sounds pretty close to yours as it is said my great grand father was involved in the fights and events which led to the unification of Italy. He had to escape (date unknown but I guess after unification around 1860) and went to Argentina where my grand father was born in 1872.
There is something not very clear here because if he was on Garibaldi's side, why did he emigrate then ? It is said that his wife, an austrian contessa, helped him to escape. Austrians were not exactely in the same team by these times !!!! well!
I managed to trace back on him and found that after a while in the french Foreign Legion, he got the french citizenship in 1932 and settled in Marseille were my father was born in 1915. How did the guy joined the Legion is unknown .. in Mexico while Napoleon III was having fun there in 1863/6 ?

More than that, my GGF name is "de Moro" which is pretty close to the "Moro" you indicate for yours.
Dates comparison is still consistent if we assume my GGF was the brother of yours. Why did they go in opposite directions then ??

Don't you think that "Lomakes" or "Lamacchio" said to be some kind of hiding name are sounding pretty close to "Loumak" you read on his tatoo?

Quite a lot of funny coincidences but, we never know.


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Re: why did so many Italians leave their country?

Post by italy50 » 10 Feb 2006, 09:21

How ironic that millions of Italians left Italy to work and live in America, and now, the descendants of these ancestors seem to be returning, thanks to the 1992 Italian law jure sanguinis, almost a 100 years to the day. the consulates are packed with those wanting to leave for whatever reason.

The number of applicants has risen dramatically, for dual citizenship

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