Agrimensore in Avellino circa 1815

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Agrimensore in Avellino circa 1815

Post by CarlaGrillo39 » 16 Nov 2013, 00:33

Hello there,
I have recently discovered that my 5x bisnonno, Pietrangelo Petito, was an agrimensore or land surveyor from 1813-1819 in Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, Avellino. Before and after these dates he was noted as a possidente and his wife, Domenica Morrongiello, was noted as 'donna di casa'.

I would really like to know more about the profession of agrimensore. What training did you have to complete to become one? What class of people entered this profession? Did Pietrangelo have to come from a privileged background? What kinds of tasks did the job entail?

The only limited but useful information I've gathered is from a book entitled 'Death of the Guilds' by Elliot Krause. It is noted that it took about 3 years to become an agrimensore and training involved working at an architect or engineer's office. I'd really love to know more as he is the first ancestor I've come across who has a profession that presumably involved training and some sort of education.

Carla Grillo

P.S. If anyone has access to Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi death records, I would really appreciate a look-up for Pietrangelo Petito who died in 1849. I would love to know his occupation/status and the occupation/status noted for his father, Andrea. This may reveal more about his family background.
Pizzirusso, Compitiello, Rafaniello, Ferrantino, Cona, and Sterbinetto families. All from Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, Avellino.

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Re: Agrimensore in Avellino circa 1815

Post by suanj » 18 Nov 2013, 06:15

the "agrimensore" is who measures the farmland's surface

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