Meaning of surname Amoriello

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Meaning of surname Amoriello

Post by AmandaP » 14 Aug 2019, 03:13

Can the surname Amoriello be translated to English or what does it mean in Italian? My ancestors are from Luzzano if that is any help. I have always assumed it has something to do with love. Also, my last name has been mistaken for Spanish. Has anyone else had this happen? Could there maybe be a Spanish connection?

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Re: Meaning of surname Amoriello

Post by PippoM » 14 Aug 2019, 08:40

You can find something here:

This site has just copied what was previously published by an expert.
You won't find "Amoriello", that is a dialectal form for "Amorelli" or "Amorello"; it probaby has origin from the medieval personal name "Amore" or "Amorello" ("little love").
As to a Spanish connection, I'd say no, at least not just for the surname.
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