JMFL......please contact me!! I'm Thomas Rocchi's

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JMFL......please contact me!! I'm Thomas Rocchi's

Post by Missin_the_Italian_way » 23 Dec 2008, 02:04

Hi JMFL !!

I was doing a little research on my Dad who's 93, and he is Thomas Rocchi!!
I'm his daughter Teresa Rocchi (now 'Keith')

I was so shocked to see what information you'd gotten regarding all of the information on his mother and father, Anna and John!!

It was so bittersweet to know that so many are gone from that family list...

We lost Aunt Vicki a couple of years ago, and boy was that a shocker...
I think we all still can't believe it...

Just to let you know that I'm not some joker person, you must know that Victoria married Frank (Cataldo) Lomonico, and my Dad, (Aunt Vicki's brother) married Frank's sister (My mom Mary Ann (Lomonico) now Rocchi.
(brother and sister married brother and sister!! We Rocchi's sure look like the Lomonico's!! :wink:

May I ask who you are??

I believe we're related somehow!! :D

Mom and Dad are still living in the house in Gardena, Calif...

I hope you don't mind my letter to you!!

Hope to hear back from you...

Terri (Rocchi) Keith

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