birth record help

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birth record help

Post by dvaccaro » 28 Apr 2009, 18:01

can someone help translate this birth record for me? there are some confusing elements in here...

i believe it to be the birth record for Giuseppe Spina - parents were Biagio Spina and Maria Angela LaSala. this family was from Santa Ninfa, Sicily and the record was found in the Santa Ninfa town records. it appears to say that Giuseppe was born in Tinja (or Ferryville), Tunisia. it also looks like the record was made on 20 May 1909 but the birth occurred on 2 Oct 1907... am i reading this correctly?

i am also curious of Biagio's stated occupation, which i believe is shown in the enlargement linked below. thoughts?

full birth record image: ... seppe1.pdf

occupation enlargement:

~ Santa Ninfa, Trapani, Sicily ~
~ San Nicola da Crissa, Catanzaro, Italy ~

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