translation of birth Record of Concetta Invisio

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translation of birth Record of Concetta Invisio

Post by tessy21 » 24 May 2010, 18:38

I don't know whose post this is, but I'm new here and I just wanted to help out as best I could...I am not an expert, but I think your record for Concetta reads as such:

The year One Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Four on the sixteenth day of December, at the hour (no hour or minutes are filled out) in the Community House.
Before me, Chiaccetta, Antonino, Alderman delegated by act by the Mayor on the 10th day of October duly approved
Official of the Civil State of the Community of Valledolomo, appeared Invisio Gennaro, of age thirty-three, farmer or peasant (whichever you prefer) residing at Valledolomo, who has stated to me that at the hour before noontwo (no minutes are filled out) on the sixteenth day of the current month, in a house with a postal address in Valledolomo (no number or street is indicated), from Laduca, Marianna, his wife, of age twenty-fourl, who lives with him, was born a baby of feminine sex, who he presented to me and to whom was given the name of Concetta.

Also here and present to this act are witnesses Scalia Antonio, of age fifty, farmer (which I use) and Lana, Domenico, of age thirty, farmer, both residents of this community of Valledolomo.

I have read the present act to all in attendance and only I and the declarer will sign below as the witnesses do not appear to be able to write or read.
Invisio, Gennaro

The Clerk of the Civil State
Chiaccetta, Antonino

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