Lista di Leva

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Re: Lista di Leva

Post by johnnyonthespot » 23 Sep 2010, 09:37

Italysearcher wrote:Te lista di leva was compiled from either civil birth records or baptismal records. Then each name was checked to see why they didn't register or show up for military service.
Ah, I see.

So, at the end of 1902/beginning of 1903, the birth records for 1884 ("classe 1884") would have been pulled and the left side of the Lista di Leva created (name, date/place of birth, parent's names, etc). Then, working from this list, each individual would be dispositioned as applicable.

Therefore, in the related thread ( ... 18515.html ), there is every reason to believe that if the Lista di Leva survived the WWII bombings, the original poster can expect to find an entry for his ancestor - even though he left Italy before age 17.

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