Pubblicazioni di Matrimonio- Roccanova

Having problems with the Italian language? Do you need help to translate or understand an old family document? There is always someone who can help you!
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Pubblicazioni di Matrimonio- Roccanova

Post by ChrisG » 27 Mar 2011, 01:53

Hi Everyone. Im Chris, I am a new member to this site. I silently been browsing the site for a few days now and I could use and would appreciate some assistance. I can read a little italian but not much. Its easier for me reading the forms for pubblicazoni di matrimoni however when its written as a paragraph as my attachment. I can get some words but not sure I am taking it in right context and feel im missing something valuable..
I have a document from roccanova , potenza dated January 1882.
I am having trouble reading bottom part...
For me I see words.... Morte.. Padre...... Della stato Di Napoli....... Novembre..........
I've tried typing what i see on bablefish but it doesnt give me any better clues on whats being said in the document..
Im ready to get some film from FHC but for napoli there are over 1600 films and only to a ceratin year..
If anyone could please give me some insight on this. I would appreciate it..


Thank you Tessa78.

I dont believe the mother of the bride died (at that given point in time). I was focusing on the grooms side mostly. Based on the new attachment below(top half of document) Fu Vincenzo (Giraffi) of ROCCANOVA, Late vincenzo died but all others all are living(at that point in time)...

This one document in one small piece of a bigger picture that I know you dont know about. Im trying very hard to establish a new city to look in for my heritage..... I have other documents Of the same Vincenzo born 1833.. Changed his name from Di Pietro to Giraffi in 1851 .. Married 1859 It shows his father as being Lorenzo of the late Vincenzo from Senise.
(a neighboring town) I looked and looked.. They are not there. I was hoping of finding a document in Napoli would shed some light on everything...
I am open for whats on brides side as well... But was focusing on grooms side for this...

Here is the top part of document:

Thank you so much for responding... It helps alot.. and I appreciate it..

here is attachment of top part...

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Re: Pubblicazioni di Matrimonio- Roccanova

Post by Tessa78 » 27 Mar 2011, 03:33

Hi Chris - welcome :-)

What you see at the bottom of the record is an account of the documents that were provided to the official by the spouses ...

the birth records of the spouses, given to the official on the 22 of the current month of January.
the death act of the father of the bride (then it seems to indicate that this came from the Civil Records office in Naples Quartiere) not sure where the November 16 date fits in yet :-(
then the consent of the parents of the groom

The last paragraph says that the official read the act to the spouses, the parents of the groom (?), and the witnesses and they signed below with him except those who did not know how to write.

There is a footnote regarding the bride (a) referring to a line above. I can't quite figure that out without using the context of the whole document. Is the bride's mother also deceased?

Rest assured that others here at the forum will take a look and add, correct or give more insight into the above document for you :-D

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