translating 2 baptisimal records

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translating 2 baptisimal records

Post by Kaylie » 09 Apr 2011, 02:04

According to records found on the familysearch site, I recently discovered the following information in the Baptisimal records for Prizzi, Italy (1836-1857:

Salvatore Petralia Born 1853
Father: Castrenze
Mother: Marianna

Image 310
Page 168 (Image 467)
Record 781

I am also trying to find a marriage record for him. He married Epifania Boccellato; how can I find a marriage record for him? What kind of information do I need in order to search?

I am also requesting your kindness in tranlating the baptisimal information below also found for my husband's greatgrandfather (Castrenze Petralia):

Baptisms 1815-1835
Image #8
Year of birth: 1819
Father: Salvatore
Mother: Maria
Page 69 - image 81
Record 108

Thank you

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Re: translating 2 baptisimal records

Post by liviomoreno » 09 Apr 2011, 07:50

Italy, Catholic Church Records - Palermo - Prizzi San Giorgio Martire - Battesimi 1836-1857 - Image 467 of 552 ... 9002_00940

Record 781 does not exist, there is record 281 related to

Giuseppe (Joseph), not Salvatore, Petralia Born Oct 16 1853, baptized Oct 17
Father: Castrense
Mother: Marianna Casta

To find Giuseppe's marriage record you should know the year of the marriage and consider that the marriage occurred in the town were the bride lived.

Italy, Catholic Church Records - Palermo - Prizzi San Giorgio Martire - Battesimi 1815-1835 - Image 81 of 463 Record 108 ... 9002_00087

Castrense Petralia Born March 13 1819, 11AM, baptized March 13
Father: Salvatore son of Paolo
Mother: Maria Vallone, daughter of Castrense

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