Birth Translation for Maria (?) Crispino, Please

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Birth Translation for Maria (?) Crispino, Please

Post by Haztek » 30 May 2011, 17:27

Tessa: Only one more after this one!! :) I really do appreciate your help!
Maria (can't read middle name) Crispino
14 August 187? 8AM
Via Zalorfi #5 (?)
Father: Alessandro, 38 (?)
Mother: Rosa Marotta
Witnesses: Giuseppe Marietta, age ?, occup ?
Vincenzo Luccianna, age ?, occup ?

Thanks,Jerry ... pt175.jpg/ ... nopt2.jpg/
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Re: Birth Translation for Maria (?) Crispino, Please

Post by Tessa78 » 30 May 2011, 18:10

No problem, Jerry! I love helping :-D

Maria's middle name is Assunta.

Date of record AND date of birth look like 14 August 1878..
Alessandro looks to be 35
Presentation at the town hall was at 9 AM, birth time (really hard to read) looks like 1 AM...
Maietta was 22, and a student
Lucciana was 60 and I can't make out his occupation - sorry :(

Address at Via Zalorfi is #5 :-)


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