Latin Translation 1768, help

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Latin Translation 1768, help

Post by joey066 » 09 Jun 2011, 03:38

I'm totally puzzled by this stati delle anime (church census)) from 1768. I keep thinking it's saying my ancestor's parents were brother and sister which I know is impossible. (well, not impossible for something like that to be true, but impossible that they'd happily report that to the church).

Anyway, can anyone help with this??
link here:

Attempted translation:
At the house ??? Bartolomeo Agazzi fili. auxiliatoris (helper?) Giuseppe were enumerated living there:

- Maria Mazzoni, daughter of the deceased (quondam) Antonio, wife ???? Antonio Ferrari son of the late Pineti/Piseti??, age 75. (she died jun 18, 1782)
- Antonio Ferrar, age 75 (he died December (xbris) 3, 1772)
The children of Maria (ex ob???) Antonio Ferrari (quondam Francesco?)
alias? ci?? viro qo? loco?.
-- Catterina, 37, (married july 14, 1772 bartolomeo filio Antonio Pioselli?)
-- Giovanni [Joannes], age 30.
-- Francesco, age 44
-- Antonio, age 42
-- ???, born august [8bris] 29, 1736
*** Joanna Ferrari, daughter of the aforementioned (suprasdicti) Antonio, wife (uxor) of the aforesaid Francesco, 37 years old. (she died 29 ?? 1788)
??? Filii:
-- Dominica, born Jan? 15, 1759, married Antonio Squeri April 11,1785
-- Maria, born May 9, 1761, (died july 22, 1768)
-- Bartolomeo, born May 31, 1764 [--My ancestor!!]
-- Joanna Maria, born august 12, 1767
-- Maria, born Jan 22, 1774 (died jan 17, 1779)

So, I'm trying to figure out how Joanna and Francesco could have the same father. I must be reading this wrong..
There is also a recording mistake on the last line. It says that Domenica, daughter of Francesco Ferrari married Bartolomeo Ferrari, but three other sources show that it was Domenica Squeri who married Bartolomeo Ferrari, son of Francesco on this same date.

Thanks in advance

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