Quick Auto-Declaration Translation

Having problems with the Italian language? Do you need help to translate or understand an old family document? There is always someone who can help you!
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Quick Auto-Declaration Translation

Post by italianstall10n » 28 Jun 2011, 04:42


I have my dual-citizenship appointment Wednesday, and I am working on the auto-declaration due to a few minor discrepancies in the names. Thanks to "Corrado," I have the correct format and word usage. The reason I wanted to post it here and have someone that knows Italian or knows this specific document to verify that it is correct is that there is three different ways his name is spelled, all extremely similar. Should I create two different documents for this? Or just word it as shown below? Can you guys take a look at it? Thanks in advance.

Here is how I have it now:

"che la persona identificata come Domenico Dodaro nel certificato di nascita e la persona indicata come Domenic Dodaro o Dominic Dodaro sono la stessa persona"

Thanks so much in advance, I really appreciate the help.

EDIT: Another quick question. In the following line is it referring to the address I am currently residing at? Or the address my parents lived in at my birth?

"nato a Barrington, Illinois, USA on 27/12/1987
residente a 5555 Main street Way"

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