clarification of the meaning of "authentic certificate"

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clarification of the meaning of "authentic certificate"

Post by lorene » 16 Jul 2011, 17:07

I am having someone help me to work on my Italian citizneship via maternal side because in conclusion of research, this is the clearest path of proving descendents.
These are the documents I need to begin with however, I am not sure what they are or HOW MANY people( ALL the children produced by grandfather and my mother)

1) authentic certificate (it must have the stamp that will release it) which attests the Italian citizenship of your mother's father
2) authentic certificate which attests to the descendants of your mother from her Italian father (that is, your maternal grandfather)
3) authentic certificate which attests your descendants from your mother.

Please anyone can clarify exactly what these documents are, et.
(birth certicates, or what?)

I feel I am getting closer....


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