Notes on Three Photos

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Notes on Three Photos

Post by JML77 » 03 Aug 2011, 21:51

I would appreciate it someone would be kind enough to translate the below notes from the back of three old family photos. Thank you.

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Re: Notes on Three Photos

Post by johnnyonthespot » 03 Aug 2011, 23:42

The first one looks like:

cara fratello
questa è mia moglie la nostra sorella e mia cognata

Dear brother,
This is my wife, our sister, and my sister-in-law.


I am not even going to try the other two. :!:

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Re: Notes on Three Photos

Post by PippoM » 04 Aug 2011, 09:57

"Questi sono i due giovani miei Michele e Giuseppe"
"These are my kids Michele and Giuseppe"

"Un vivissimo saluto dal tuo nipote"
"Warmest greetings from your nephew (or grandson: in Italian we use the same word)" signed Alfonso and Peppino (nick for Giuseppe)
Giuseppe "Pippo" Moccaldi

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