Question regarding Chicago consulate translations

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Question regarding Chicago consulate translations

Post by Phelantalon » 31 Aug 2011, 14:18

I am working on getting my documents together to send off for translations. I see the information for the Chicago consulate says that birth, marriage, death for the "Italian" side, which I get is the whole side I am using. They also mention birth and marriage for the "immediate" ancestors who are not applying for citizenship. The "immediate" requirement is where I'm confused.

Here is what I am wanting to send for translations, is this all I need to submit?

GGF & GGM marriage certificate
GGF death certificate (his birth certificate is already in Italian)
GM birth certificate
GM & GF marriage certificate
GM death certificate
M birth certificate
M & F marriage certificate
My birth certificate

I also have a couple of affidavits that I needed signed. Do I need to have those translated as well?

Any advice is appreciated. My consulate visit is coming up in the next month and want to make sure I have everything ready.

Thank you.

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