Michele Pasquariello

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Michele Pasquariello

Post by MSugumele » 01 Sep 2011, 16:38

http://imageservice.ancestry.com/iexec/ ... &qf=pq&rc=

OR, Ancestry World, Italy, Potenza, Marsico Nuovo, Atti di Morte, 1879, Image 44.

Also, can you explain why the front part of the 1879 record is in standard form, and the back, Part II, is not?

Thank you,

Marcia Sugumele

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Re: Michele Pasquariello

Post by Tessa78 » 04 Sep 2011, 19:50

Hi Michele :-)

This record is handwritten because it is in Parte II, and it is in Parte II because it wasn't entered within a few days of the event. The Part I records are chronological.

In this death record #4 for Michele Pasquariello...
This "announcing" of the death takes place on 26 March 1879 at 10 AM at the town hall when Angiola Soprano, 29, a peasant farmer, daughter of deceased Gianuario, appears before the official to present an authentic copy of the act of death of her husband, Michele Pasquariello, which was duly translated into Italian. She is asking the official to have it entered into the register of acts of death in the town.
The record has been translated from Spanish.
It appears that Michele, husband of Angiola Soprano, died and was buried on 23 March 1878 (notice this was about a year earlier), as stated by Don Ignazio Berara(sp?), Curator of the Parish of San Benedetto di Paisantie(sp?) in the translated record of death. Michele was listed as age 35.


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