1930 Letter

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1930 Letter

Post by JML77 » 30 Sep 2011, 21:27

Please help me to understand what this letters says, and be precise with regard to names (the ones I noticed are below). There are a bunch of numbers at the end which I do not understand either.

I know that Angelo Michele Cappuccilli is the brother of Emanuela, Leonardo, Crescenzo, Anastasia, and Celestino. Their father's name was Giuseppe, and mother's maiden name was supposedly Louise Immucci.

The other names I notice are:
Celestino Immucci (appears to be Maria Luisa's father?)
Vincenzo Corsi (Notary?)
Giuseppe Soccio (Unknown)
Leonardo Tamilia (Unknown)
Giuseppina Fiorito (Unknown)
Nicola Cappuccilli (Unknown, but likely a relative)
Giuseppantonio Tamilia (Unknown)

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Re: 1930 Letter

Post by PippoM » 30 Sep 2011, 23:09

Maria Luisa Immucci of he late Celestino and her children: Emanuela, Matteo, Leonardo, Anastasia, Crescenzo e Celestino Cappuccilli, of the late Giuseppe, sell a piece of land (about 3000 square meters) to their son/brother Angelomichele Cappuccilli. Notary is Vincenzo Cursi. The others are the owners of the adjoining pieces of land.
I hope I made it clear!!
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