1873 Marriage Document

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1873 Marriage Document

Post by JML77 » 30 Sep 2011, 21:38

I now have a copy of a marriage document that was noted on an earlier birth record I had posted. The quality of the image I received is rather dark, but if anyone is able to confirm or add to the below known details I would appreciate it. There is a name halfway-down the first image that looks like ? Iaricci (son of a Giuseppe Maria Iaricci), whose role/relationship is unknown to me.


Known Details:
Marriage in Ripabottoni on 4 Jun 1873 between Giacomo De Iulio (son of Crescenzo DeJulio and Maria Sauro) and Filomena Immucci (daughter of Leonardo Immucci and Caterina Carducci). All seem to be noted as peasant farmers.

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Re: 1873 Marriage Document

Post by PippoM » 30 Sep 2011, 23:01

These is the request of marriage banns made by:
Giacomo Di (not "De") Julio, 23 years.
Filomena Immucci, 21 years
Michele D'Addario and Gennaro Iaricci were witnesses.
Personal info on the (future) spouses follow:
Giacomo Di Julio, born April 6th, 1852
Filomena Immucci, born January 31st, 1852
(notice there's a contradiction a bout the ages previously declared).
Parents of the groom:
Crescenzo Di Julio of the late Giacomo, 45 years, born and living in Ripabottoni;
Maria Sauro of the late Nicola, 47 years, born and living in Ripabottoni.
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