Information about italians acts

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Information about italians acts

Post by ma-thiieu » 11 Aug 2012, 18:01


I would like to know what were the standards for witnesses in Italy from 1865 to 1900. Were they usually family members or just neighbors, friends?

I would like to know also what does the word "Dico" mean? For example,Maria Di Paolo Dico Ranieri. Why is the word "Dico" used?

Thank you in advance for the answer.

M. Mathieu

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Re: Information about italians acts

Post by Italysearcher » 11 Aug 2012, 23:30

Witnesses tended to be persons who could sign their name to witness the act being written up. Usually they were store owners or other educated persons. In smaller towns there might be just one (or none) of these available in which case a person accompanying the declarent would be a witness and the Mayor or clerk would sign on everyone's behalf. Since this was a civil act, the witness weren't that important. The witnesses to the baptism (Godparents) or marriage in the church were chosen with care.
'Dico' means the same as AKA (also known as).
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