one more Translation please

Having problems with the Italian language? Do you need help to translate or understand an old family document? There is always someone who can help you!
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one more Translation please

Post by Dach » 12 Oct 2012, 21:36


Thank-you for your time it is greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: one more Translation please

Post by paola52 » 14 Oct 2012, 21:07

Written by someone who didn't have much schooling. No punctuation
General sense (there are Sicilian words that I don't understand and also words that seem baby-talk)
Catania 22 dicembre 950
I am happy that you have been reunited with your dear joe and little Rosolia. Has her face healed ? (?) Dear Rosolia your grandparents uncles and aunts always think about you. Have you nice presents? (?) Tell me, are you happy with your father who hugs you and you Anna don’t scold her as you always do, she doesn’t deserve to be scolded she understands everything. And you know the child is sweet and good, I always thought about you, but now all my thoughts are for the “pupetta” (endearing word meaning “little child) my little nipotina (either granddaughter or niece) Rosolia” I cannot stand it, I cry all alone because of the separation, it is a sorrow a pain of the heart not seeing you anymore. Many greetings to aunt (?) Maria
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