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Help with a translation

Post by ktpoloni » 29 Oct 2012, 08:18

I am making some edits to some translations that have been done. A marriage license & application. I have 2 sisters that I am helping and they were both married in the same county and state so the forms are the same so I decided to get one set translated, and I would just change the names to save some money. There were a few differences and had just a couple questions.

1. On the marriage license it has you fill in the dates as follows:

I hereby certify on the 21 day of February in the year of two thousand 01 in the city of....

How do you write the year 2001? is it dell’anno duemilauno?

2. Would the phrase, "According to civil law, and was present mutual agreement of marriage between the parties" be-- "Il tipo di cerimonia era diritto civile ed era un accordo reciproco tra le parti di contrarre matrimonio." ??


It says in the box above, "Actual Marriage" then there are boxes for these: (Did I translate the phrase correctly?)

Date of marriage = Data del matrimonio:
Place of marriage= Luogo del matrimonio:
County of marriage= Contea di matrimonio:
State of marriage= Stato del matrimonio:
Name of officiant= Nome di officiante:
title of officiant= Titolo del officiante:

On the one that was translated, none of these boxes were filled out because it was not a civil marriage. The translator just wrote:

Matrimonio attuale:
Stato del matrimonio: Utah
Tipo di matrimonio: Religioso

Do you think I need to put Matrimonio Attuale anywhere?

Sorry for all the questions- if you can help with any of them I would be so grateful! Thank you!

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