Translation please for Pasquale Carracino Marriage

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Re: Translation please for Pasquale Carracino Marriage

Post by Tessa78 » 24 Jun 2013, 18:46

sinatra101 wrote:Would like to get as much info as possible: ... :n45497488 ... :n45497488

Record #4
Dated 24 April 1871 at 4PM in Pollica
Before the official, Nicola della Cortiglia, (then most of the rest of the first page has to do with his function, etc.)...
Witnesses to the record were Pasquale Correale, 27, son of Paolo; and Alfonso Piantieri, 23, son of Luigi, both landowners...
At the bottom... begins the marriage with "Sono personalmente comparsi..." [personally appeared]
Pasquale Domenico Giuseppe Carracino, age 27, laborer, born and residing in Celso, hamlet of this town(Pollica), son of married couple Teresa Schiavo and deceased Gennaro Carracino
Angelamaria Filomena Marano, age 25, laborer, born and residing in Celso, daughter of married couple Grazia Notaro, and deceased Antonio, single.
Delivered to the official by hand today was the certificate of the 2 publications of the marriage banns on 2 Sundays, the 9th and 16th of the month of April...
Then the official, according to the law (and here is cited the civil code) asked each if he/she took the other for wife/husband...
He pronounced them legitimately married.
The official and the witnesses signed, but not the spouses because they were unable to write.


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Re: Translation please for Pasquale Carracino Marriage

Post by sinatra101 » 24 Jun 2013, 19:37


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