Translation please for Vincenzo Botte Marriage

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Re: Translation please for Vincenzo Botte Marriage

Post by Tessa78 » 08 Jul 2013, 21:19

sinatra101 wrote:Would like as much as possible vital info ... 1040773854 ... 1040773854

Record #4
Dated 19 February 1874 at 7 PM at the town office
Before the official appeared:
Vincenzo Filomeno Botte, single, age 35, sculptore(?); born in Padula on 7 November 1838, residing in this town; son of Michele, a sculptore (scarpellino), and of Irene Sisto, both residing in Padula;
Leolupina Gabriele, age 22, born in Corleone on 18 May 1851, residing in this town; daughter of Salvatore, a shoemaker, and of Antonia di Nucci, both residing in this town.
Witnesses to the record: Giuseppe Giordano of deceased Giovanni, age 54; and Salvatore Licata of deceasted Vito, age 30; both peasant farmers residing in this town.
Banns having been posted with no impediments, and the spouses having personally given each to the other before the official and according to the law he declared them united in marriage.
The documents of the marriage were entered into the allegati of this register.
The act was read to the participants and only the official signed as the others did not know how to write.


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Re: Translation please for Vincenzo Botte Marriage

Post by sinatra101 » 09 Jul 2013, 03:19

Thanks T.

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