Translation - Domenicantonio Rienzo & Teresa Vassallo.

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Re: Translation - Domenicantonio Rienzo & Teresa Vassallo.

Post by erudita74 » 23 Jul 2013, 01:10

Dated April 7. 1877 at 12:10 a.m. in the town hall of Pollica
Groom: Domenicantonio Rienzo, age 24, property owner, b. in Cannicchio, resident of Pollica, son of deceased Giovanni and living Vittoria LaGreca
Bride:Teresa Vassallo, age 22, property owner, b. and resident in Celso, of Angelo Vassallo and Anna Maiuri
Witnesses: Francesco Rascio, 23, property owner and Raffaele Rascio, age 22, property owner.
Publications on 18th and 25th of March; resulted in no opposition to the marriage.
Consent of the living mother of the groom-which resulted in the act of the request of the publications.
The act was read aloud to all who intervened. The witnesses and town official signed the document; the spouses did not know how to sign and did not.


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Re: Translation - Domenicantonio Rienzo & Teresa Vassallo.

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Thanks Erudita

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