Translation Request for Antonino Galioto and his family:

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Translation Request for Antonino Galioto and his family:

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Would someone please me extremely helpful and translate these images from
I have really bad vision and reading actual records and distinguishing letters is almost impossible for me.
Thanks so much! Greatly Appreciated!

Antonino Galioto Birth Act #451 Year 1891 ... n791939228

Pietro Galioto Birth Act: #458 or 459.. Can't tell which number it is. Year, 1886 ... n791939228

Pietro Galioto Birth Act: #328 Year 1889 ... n791939228

Bernardo Galioto Birth Act: #303 Year 1894 ... n791939228

Caterina Galioto Birth Act: #521 Year 1878 ... :897285292

Mattia Galioto. Birth Act: #150 Year 1881. ... :897285292

Mattia Galioto. Birth Act: #271 Year 1884 ... :897285292

I wish I could read and translate the images myself, otherwise I wouldn't be asking this favor.
My vision prevents me from view clearly the words and spellings on these images regardless of how much I zoom in.

I can tell you this:

Bernardo Galioto & Antonino Galioto are brothers,
As for the other names, they are possible siblings of Bernardo and Antonino

Their father's name should be Giacinto Galioto and their mothers name should be Antonina Piazza.

Antonino was my great grandfather. Bernardo my great uncle and my great grandfather were the only Galioto relatives that I know of that came to the United States.
Antonio was born on October 11th, 1891 and died on October 9th, 1969.
Bernardo was born on July 14th, 1894 and died on December 23, 19654.

Can anyone help locate and translate a marriage certificate for Giacinto Galioto and Antonina Piazza?

I'm not sure what either of their parents names are.
But, I assume that marriage took place and all births took place in LerCarra Frida, Italy.

A huge Thanks to whomever helps with the translation of these images!


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Re: Translation Request for Antonino Galioto and his family:

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