Birth Record Translation

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Birth Record Translation

Post by ncolonna » 18 Nov 2013, 05:16


I'm hoping someone can help me translate this record. This would be the first wife of my great-great grandfather. The only concern I have is that there is no annotation as to her being married on her birth certificate, while my great-great grandfather has an annotation on his. Perhaps I have the wrong Maria Giuseppa? ... tomano.jpg ... Record.jpg

Any help is appreciated!

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Re: Birth Record Translation

Post by erudita74 » 18 Nov 2013, 12:40

Maria Giuseppa Ottomano
Born on Sept 19, 1875 at 5:19 a.m. in the house at #8 via Borgo Carmine
Mother: Vita Grazia Diomeda, a peasant/farmer; widow of Giuseppe Ottomano, also a peasant/farmer, who had died on Sept 7th.

Birth of Vincenzo Damato June 10, 1874 at 10 P.M. in the house on strada Forni Vecchi(?). His father was Giuseppe Damato, age 40, day laborer, the son of Giambattista Damato; mother was Filomena Rex, daughter of deceased Nicola Rex. She was a peasant/farmer. His marriage to Maria Giuseppa Ottaman was in Rutigliano on November 18, 1907. Unfortunately the online marriage records do not go to that year to confirm her parents' names and determine whether or not you have the correct birth record for her. You will need to contact the town for that information.

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