Help with multiple documents

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Help with multiple documents

Post by nuccia » 24 Nov 2013, 11:50

Just a reminder - The folks here at Italian Genealogy are happy to help with translations but please remember, these folks offer their time and knowledge freely and will willingly help with loose translations of the important parts of records. However, they can not always help with full translations of each and every document. Not only is it time consuming, it's not fair to posters waiting in 'queue' for help. Also, try to use unique names for posts - several posts by one poster titled 'Help with Marriage Record' is flagged as spam and may result in your post not being approved.

In saying that we ask that you please refrain from uploading multiple documents at once whether it be in one thread or spread over several threads in one day. Civil records often use standardized forms with little change - only the main information changes (names, dates, towns, witnesses, etc.) You can read through other threads on this board before posting as many questions asked are the same from thread to thread. Alternatively you can view the section Italian Records Extraction linked on are Home page for additional help.

We thank you for your understanding with this and as always wish you much success in your journey.
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