Birth Spicuzza Termini Imerese

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Birth Spicuzza Termini Imerese

Post by smas1973 » 12 Dec 2013, 05:45

can I get help to translate as much information on the document

Thank you for all the views and any help to translate.

Scott Mascheri
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Thank You For All Your Help With The Translation Of This Documents

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Re: Birth Spicuzza Termini Imerese

Post by Tessa78 » 12 Dec 2013, 22:39

The handwriting is difficult, but here is what I see :-)

Dated 22 May 1843 at the town office.
Appearing was Maria Sperandeo con(?) Catalano, age 70, residing in Termini, to declare that a female child was born to Filippa Catalano, 30, residing in Termini; and to Saverio Spicuzza, age 30. The child was born on the 22nd at 10 AM, at the home of the married couple, and was given the name MICHELA
Baptism was also on the 22nd of May.
Witnesses to the record (second page) - Giuseppe M???, 30, porter; and Salvadore ???, 33, porter.


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Re: Birth Spicuzza Termini Imerese

Post by PippoM » 13 Dec 2013, 08:28

Declarant was "Maria Sperandeo in Catalano" ("Catalano after marriage"). She should be Filippa's mother, even if I can't read the word between "Filippa Catalano" and "figlia". I'd expect "sua", but I'm not so sure that's what I read...
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