Corleone record help

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Corleone record help

Post by bvbellomo » 14 Jan 2014, 15:38

I came across this looking for something completely unrelated. ... ellomo.jpg

Unfortunately, with the resolution and handwriting, I can't even figure out if this is a death or marriage, what year, etc? Does it say he was born in Prizzi? Is it possibly Polizzi? Does it list an occupation, wife or mother?

My 6th great-grandfather was Vincenzo Bellomo, and my 5th great was Emmanuele. Since Sicilians named children after parents, a lot of my family was named either "Emmanuele son of Vincenzo" or "Vincenzo son of Emmanuele". Bellomo is not a common name in western Sicily, so I bet this is a relation.

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Re: Corleone record help

Post by liviomoreno » 14 Jan 2014, 16:55

Emmanuele Bellomo died 5 Nov 1869. He was 57yo, born in Prizzi, living in Corleaone, husband of Giuseppa di Mattia. Son of the deceased Vincenzo and Maria Vallone (sp?)

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