Adolfo Dazzi

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Re: Adolfo Dazzi

Post by AngelaGrace56 » 19 Mar 2014, 19:55

m11oct wrote:Thank you to everyone for all the information.

Angela: Yes, thanks it was a typo. (I new it would be but thought I would edit for future reference) His full name was Giovanni Doroteo Dazi (with one z) and the mother was Maria Elena Libania Picchi.
I have both of their birth records and marriage records and also the birth records of three older brothers of Adolfo.
The father is sometimes listed as just Giovanni, just Doroteo and sometimes Giovanni Doroteo, on various records. The mother is nearly always listed as Libania.
This is the only record where the name is spelled Dazzi with two zs rather than Dazi with one z.
You are most welcome! I'm pleased this has been helpful to you. It has been a great team effort and a sterling effort by Erudita to decipher the difficult handwriting. I was only able to pick out some words, familiar to me, which led me to get the gist of what had happened.


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