help with translation of death record

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help with translation of death record

Post by misschristi16 » 19 Apr 2014, 20:25 ... 1,54471301

Death record of Luigi Maria Pinto #14
Father is Vito Nicola, cannot make out mothers last name--Marangiello (Rosa)
Married to Maria Vittoria Cristiano

A Domenico Ciampa was a witness, and a Giuseppe Nicola Pinto declared it. Any relation?
Any other pertinent info would be great! Thanks!

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Re: help with translation of death record

Post by dmt1955 » 20 Apr 2014, 01:03

record #14 dated 16 june 1924

declarants appearing before DeBiasi Raffaele, mayor are Cuozzolo Francesco age 30 peasant farmer residing in Rapone and Ciampa Domenico age 63, peasant farmer residing in Rapone. declare at the hour of 10am yesterday (15 June) in the house at Via Corso Umberto #40, the death of Pinto Luigi Maria, age 74, peasant farmer born and residing in Rapone,of deceased Vito Nicola, peasant farmer residing in Rapone in life and of deceased Marangiello Rosa, peasant farmer, residing in Rapone in life. husband on Maria Vittoria Cristiano.

Giving testimony is Pinto Giuseppe Nicola age 45, peasant farmer and DelGandio Giovanni, age 58, carpenter.

i do not read anywhere the relationship between the Pintos.

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