Translation Assunta Ducatelli Birth Record

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Translation Assunta Ducatelli Birth Record

Post by KathyToce » 22 Jun 2014, 22:41

I need a Birth Record translated for my grandmother Assunta Ducatelli, Corleto Perticara, Potenza.
Born 18 December 1892, #155 Page 53

If it helps . . .
Parents: Mariantonia Toce, Landowner & Biase Ducatelli, Carpenter
Midwife: Signora Agata Montano

I'd like full translation to include in Scrapbook I'm making my father. Thank you so much!

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Re: Translation Assunta Ducatelli Birth Record

Post by Tessa78 » 23 Jun 2014, 02:01

Dated 21 December1892 at 9:05 AM at the town office.
Before me, Francesco de Palma, Secretary, delegated with an act of the Mayor, on 29 January of the current year, approved as Official of the Civil Records of the town of Corleto Perticara, appeared Signora Agata Montano, age 37, midwife residing in Corleto Perticara, to declare to me that at 2:30 PM on the 18th of the current month, at the place in Stesa(?) del Mercato, no number, to Mariantonia Toce, landowner/proprietor, legitimae wife of Biase Ducatelli, carpenter, both residing here, was born a female child, who was presented to me and to whom was given the name ASSUNTA.
To the above and this act were presented as witnesses, Paolo Zito, age 68, carpenter; and Nicola Montano, 57, landowner, both residing in this town.
The declarant announced the above birth as she was present and assisted in the birth, and in place of the husband of Toce, as he was not able to announce because he was working at his job.
I read the present act to all the participants, and it was signed below by myself and the declarant, as the witnesses were not able to write.


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