Can't read the Italian handwriting

Having problems with the Italian language? Do you need help to translate or understand an old family document? There is always someone who can help you!
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Can't read the Italian handwriting

Post by CairoCairaCarra » 05 Jul 2014, 20:48

Can anyone help? My husband is first generation in America. Unfortunately his father died when my husband was only 4yrs. His mother didn't associate with her in-law extended family so we have very little information.
On the immigration records the Surname is Caira but some changed it to Cairo in America. However, 11yrs ago, as a newlywed, I had a conversation with a nice Italian born immigrant who kept correcting me in Italian as to what the surname really was...

So I came across this and I think it may be hubby's 2great grandfather. I can't make out the spelling to translate it on a translation program.

Help please??? Thank you so much!!

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Re: Can't read the Italian handwriting

Post by Tessa78 » 09 Jul 2014, 19:23

This is an extract of the act of death in 1895

Record #9
Dated 10 February 1895 at 4:27 PM at the town office in Erbusco [Brescia]
Before the official appeared
Falco Facchetti, age 43, scribe residing in Erbusco, and Luigi Signorani, age 32, postal worker(?) residing in Erbusco, to declare that at 2:40 AM today, the 10th , at the place at Contrada Castello #47, died FRANCESCO CACCIA, age 37, copper-worker(?), residing in Erbusco, born in S. Nazzaro (Como)

That is all you posted… you must post the next page for continuation.
The next pages should have the name of his parents and his spouse.


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Re: Can't read the Italian handwriting

Post by erudita74 » 09 Jul 2014, 19:38

Yes, ramaio/ramajo (in this record) was a coppersmith. Here's a you-tube video you might enjoy seeing.


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