Spicuzza birth Document

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Spicuzza birth Document

Post by smas1973 » 16 Jul 2014, 02:52

Can I get help to translate this birth document please.

Thank You For The Help
Spicuzza Michela 1842 28 Dec .jpg
Thank You For All Your Help With The Translation Of This Documents

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Re: Spicuzza birth Document

Post by erudita74 » 16 Jul 2014, 03:50

Dated Nov 29, 1842 at 4 P.M. Appearing was Rosaria Matracia in Bordonaro*, age 50, no occupation, who presented a feminine infant born to her sister, Teresa Matracia, age 23, the wife of Michele Spicuzza, who was living with him in Termini. The birth took place on the 28th at midnight, and the infant was given the name Angela Spicuzza. Her baptism took place in the parish of Termini on the 29th.

*Bordonaro would be the married name of Rosaria. The page on the left does not belong to this record. The second page of this record would be on the left hand side of the next page.


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