Geralamo Casagrande/Cuneo

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Geralamo Casagrande/Cuneo

Post by silhouettecutter » 12 Dec 2014, 16:43

My family has been working on the mystery of our Ancestor James Cuneo for many years. We have a copy of his fathers passport that lists his name as Antonio Casagrande Also listed on the passport is his son Geralamo Casagrande From Orero,Italy. Supposedly Antonio died on the ship and Geralamo was taken in by a family named Cuneo and changed his name to James Cuneo. I have found the family I believe took him in and that he has ties to.Antonio Cuneo and Magdalena Arata.
Now I am wondering if the stories of the father dying on the ship are not true at all. I have attached two Geralamo birth certificates from the town of Soglio a hamlet of Orero. These seem the most likely candidates to match our Geralamo Casagrande/Cuneo. Any help in translating these would be greatly appreciated. Also any thoughts on sorting out this mystery?
Geralamo 1
Geralamo 2

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Re: Geralamo Casagrande/Cuneo

Post by liviomoreno » 12 Dec 2014, 17:59

The birth records (they are the actual records on the birth book register, they are no certificates) are referring to babies born with the surname Cuneo. I doubt that they have anything to do with Antonio Casagrande.
Record 1 - #280 Gerolomo Giovanni Cuneo was born Oct 28 1841 and was the son of Antonio Cuneo (son of Giuseppe) and of Rosa Arata (daughter of deceased Gerolomo)

Record 2 - #20 Derolomo Pasquale Cuneo was born January 14 1841 and was the son of Gio Batta Cuneo (son of Gio Batta Cuneo) and of Madalena Lavezzo (daughter of deceased Gerolomo)

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