Reading a death record

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Reading a death record

Post by silhouettecutter » 14 Dec 2014, 20:56

Can someone translate this for me? Also when I am looking at the death records which line says the dead persons spouse?
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Re: Reading a death record

Post by erudita74 » 14 Dec 2014, 21:14

This is a death record for a one month old-dated Sept 5, 1848 in the Parish of S. Michele of Soglio, town of Orero. On the 4th, Luigi Giovanni, age 1 month, of Orero, the son of Antonio Cuneo of the House, living in Soglio, and the son of Madalena Arata, of Giuseppe, weaver, living in Soglio. Informants were Gerolamo Arata, age 36, son of Giuseppe, and Giovanni Arata, son of Giuseppe, age 24, both living in Orero. All said they did not know how to write.

As to knowing about spouses-in this record-all blanks because this is only a one month old-

vedov in prime nozze di (widow/widower-the ending of o/a is missing on the printed form, in the first marriage or nuptials of....

in seconde di....(in the second of)

in terze di....(in the third of)

maritati con (married with)

So, if this was a death record for an older person who had had multiple spouses, you may have gotten the names of those in the death record.


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