duplicate marriage acts?

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duplicate marriage acts?

Post by dmt1955 » 05 Mar 2015, 01:36

http://s27.postimg.org/yjfaml8cj/1884_V ... rriage.jpg

http://s22.postimg.org/ys1sm6r81/1884_V ... rriage.jpg

i would appreciate a second set on eyes with these marriage acts....
it appears to me that the only differences between the two acts are:
act no (11 & 14), date (Mar 18 & 28) and the writing at the bottom. both acts are also in the index.

i am wondering if there is anything written that maybe i have missed that explains why there are two acts. if not, any ideas as to perhaps why?
thanks so much for your thoughts.
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Re: duplicate marriage acts?

Post by Anizio » 05 Mar 2015, 02:08

They were so in love they married twice.
Or the Stato Civile official made a mistake somehow. The two are identical down to the witnesses, and most of the signatures. Some mistake or error either caused them to marry twice or, more likely, do the paper work twice. You may need the allegati from both to explain what happened.
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