Translation Help - Guiseppe Cantino (#16)

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Translation Help - Guiseppe Cantino (#16)

Post by OrangeBlossom44 » 20 Mar 2015, 23:20

I would appreciate the translation of the relevant information in the birth record of my great uncle, Giuseppe Cantino (record #16).

I see:

Baby: Giuseppe Cantino, born 22 March 1872 in Frinco.
Father: Francesco Cantino, 37yo, farmer, born in Frinco, son of the living Vittore.
Mother: Antonia Goja, 35yo, farmer, born in Frinco, daughter of the deceased Gioachino.

I also see hand-written in the margin under Guiseppe Cantino's name:

Married Linda Pasquarelli (?) of Valenza (Alessandria) on 19 August 1899. I believe I would find 2 sets of banns (pubblicazione), one in Valenza, the other in Frinco...and 1 marriage record (atti) of the marriage in the bride's hometown of Valenza. I do not understand the last hand-written line there.

Throughout the record, I see a number of other person and town names, but I do not know their importance. Perhaps you could check.

Thank you very much.

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Re: Translation Help - Guiseppe Cantino (#16)

Post by dmt1955 » 20 Mar 2015, 23:35

i see the mother's surname as Goia, Antonia. her father's first name has another 'c' - Gioacchino.
the other names are the witnesses.

re: marriage notation - it looks like an 'a' and 'r' could have been mushed together for Pasquarelli OR it was just an 'a' then corrected to 'r' OR the other way around....i cannot be certain.
the last line is related to date of either receipt of info or when notation was made.
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