Translation Help Allegati di Matrimonio

Having problems with the Italian language? Do you need help to translate or understand an old family document? There is always someone who can help you!
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Translation Help Allegati di Matrimonio

Post by demari18 » 21 Mar 2015, 22:39

Back in 2013 Tessa78 found documents for my husband's grandfather Palmino DeTora on Ancestry. I am hoping someone will be able to translate one document in particular for me. The document tells of the death of Andrea DeTora, Palmino's father.

This is what Tessa78 wrote to me -"There are some wonderful documents included, and among them is an extract of the death record for Andrea De Tora in 1905, July 4, in Comune di Caianello.

Here is the link (but if you can't access Ancestry using this link - it is in the Teano records, Allegati di Matrimonio, 1906 - page/image 555 & 556 of 676)" ... 1263-00174

Thank you, DeMari

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Re: Translation Help Allegati di Matrimonio

Post by Tessa78 » 22 Mar 2015, 01:48

Extract of the act of death of Andrea De Tora, son of deceased Vincenzo, year 1905
Year 1905, day 5 of July at 10:00 at the town office -
Before me, Mayor and Official of the civil records of the Comune of Caianello, appeared Michele De Tora, age 35, farmer residing in Caianello, and Giuseppe Izzo, age 40, peasant farmer residing in Caianello to declare to me that at 5 PM yesterday at the place at Contrada S. Lucia (no number) died Andrea De Tora, age 57, peasant farmer residing in Caianello, born in Teano to deceased Vincenzo, a peasant farmer who resided in his lifetime in Teano; and to deceased Angela Minicucci, a peasant farmer who resided in her lifetime in Teano; [he was]Husband of Marta Pisano. At this act present to give witness was Carlo Lonardo, 54, landowner; and Achille Rossi, 34, landowner; both residing in this town. I read the present act to all of the participants and with me signed all except the declarant because he was illiterate.
The extract was requested to be transcribed into the register of the Comune of Teano.
Signed 1 November 1906


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