putting a phrase in proper context

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putting a phrase in proper context

Post by VotM » 22 Jun 2015, 09:47

Here's an odd question. One of our family members has an old postcard photo that is marked "Giuseppe Papa tuo padre", as shown below. The card very likely dates from 1900 or earlier.

We're having some discussion over exactly how to read "Giuseppe Papa tuo padre". Is this a photo that was given to Giuseppe Papa telling him that the person on the front is his father? Or is it a photo of Giuseppe Papa that was given to one of his children? In English there's room for ambiguity, but I don't know if Italian follows a convention that would tilt the likelihood in favor of one interpretation or the other.

Any help from someone better acquainted with proper grammar within Italian would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Re: putting a phrase in proper context

Post by krash142 » 08 Jan 2016, 00:33

According to traditional Italian convention, this is going to be sent to someone very personally familiar to the recipient, I would have to say that this was sent to Giuseppe's child from him.

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